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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Below are some frequently asked questions we receive. 

Importantly, if you have a question about us, our research, or our courses, you are welcome to contact us here.

Why can't I start a course immediately?

We wish we could offer all our courses all of the time. However, we are a small research unit with limited funding - we are funded entirely by research grants and donations. This means that we can only offer several of our courses at any time, and under certain conditions determined by the research funding we have available.

We also need to carefully examine each of our courses, and determine who does and does not benefit from them. We want to ensure that our courses are as helpful as possible before we make them widely available. Unfortunately, this important work takes time.

Importantly, at any given time, we will either be (1) taking assessments for a course, or (2) taking registrations of interest for a course.

If we are taking assessments for a course, it is important to read the Participant Information and Consent Statement, which will explain to you the criteria for participation and the conditions under which the course will be offered. If we are taking registrations of interest for a course, we will contact you when the course is next available. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when this will be due to how we are funded.

Are there costs involved?

No! All our treatment courses are offered as a part of important research projects, which aim to develop better treatments and understand how and for whom these treatments work. Consequently, there are no costs involved to participants.

We are funded entirely by research grants and donations. Many of our participants do not have the means to pay for treatment, and so participate in our research as a way of accessing treatment. Some of our participants will make donations to our research unit, which we then use to support further research. We are very grateful for this as it means we can keep doing what we do.

How do I access a treatment course?

All courses are accessed via the Internet using an internet-connected device, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This means that once you are accepted into a treatment course, you can login to the course anytime and from anywhere.

To be accepted into a treatment course, you first need to complete an assessment for that course. An assessment usually involves reading the Participant Information and Consent Statement for the research study through which the treatment course is being offered. If you meet the inclusion criteria, and participation in the study is acceptable to you, you will then usually be asked to complete several online questionnaires that collect information about you, your symptoms, your treatment history, and reasons for wanting to participate. Depending on the research and course, you may then need to participate in a basic telephone interview and discussion with us. If you meet our study criteria, and wish to participate, you will then be given access to the course.

Can I participate in more than one course?

You are welcome to register your interest in more than one course. However, you are only allowed to participate in one course at a time - this is because past participants have found participating in more than one course at a time is less helpful. However, once you have completed a course, it is often okay to participate in another course provided you meet the criteria for the course.

Our courses are not suitable for you?

Unfortunately we know our courses are not suitable for everyone. We are also often bound by strict criteria about the conditions under which we can offer our courses. Regrettably we cannot offer our courses to everyone due to these conditions.


If our courses are not suitable for you, we strongly recommend speaking to your family doctor who will know of suitable services that are available to you in your area, and can often help you in accessing those services. 

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