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Other Research

Most of the research we conduct is clinical trials where participants receive access to a treatment Course. However, we also conduct or advertise other research projects from time to time to better understand particular issues.

The Things You Do Survey

The eCentreClinic is currently conducting a large program of research to understand the relationship between different behaviours and emotional wellbeing. The primary aim of this work is to identify simple behaviours that are associated with good emotional wellbeing, which will help to develop more effective treatments and to guide people in managing their emotional wellbeing. Very little is actually known about the relationship between different behaviours and peoples’ levels of stress, anxiety, low mood, depression and general emotional wellbeing. This work aims to address this gap.

We are seeking volunteers to participate in an online survey about emotional wellbeing and the things people do and do not do. We have generated a list of things that we believe can help, but we want to learn from participants who complete the survey.

To find out more or participate, please click HERE.